Don’t get slapped by Google. Use good web practices when building and writing content for your website.

We’ve had a lot of companies and businesses coming to us and it seems to be a trend when Google changes its algorithm for businesses to find themselves getting “slapped”. What does it mean to get “slapped” by Google? It means that your website or business is disciplined by having its rankings or even the listing removed from Google.

Why do companies and businesses come to us every time the algorithm changes? This is because the practices your web design company, SEO company, marketing company, or whomever you got to handle your rankings has been using grey hat or even black hat methods. These methods could include keyword stuffing, over saturating your pages for your keywords, or even copy/pasting content from other websites and using it on your website. This would cause your website to show up as a possible duplicate content and your rankings would drop. These methods are frowned upon, but most inexperienced web workers will tell you to give up on your domain and choose a new one. They do not believe there is a way to get the rankings back for your old domain once they are gone. This is because they do not have the vast knowledge and years of working closely with search engines that we have so abandoning and building anew is easier for them than rebuilding the relationship with the search engine.

Every year this happens and every year we see an upsurge in new clients. Which we welcome, but we only wish that more designers would become better at their jobs rather than just operate fly by night operations of keyword stuffing and bad marketing practices.

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